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Zine, Reda

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, Z | 0 comments

Reda Zine

Reda Zine

Screenwriter, director, editor and producer (Casablanca, Morocco, 1.2.1977)

Reda Zine is a pluridisciplinary artist (filmmaker, musician and professor) born in 1977 in Casablanca and currently based in Bologna, Italy. In 1998, he was one of the founders of the biggest independent music festival in Africa called “L’Boulevard” of Casablanca and its magazine, L’Kounache (urban music and street culture), and in June 2012 he also became the first open source community co-builder in Morocco (Creative Commons Morocco and www.opentaqafa.cc) and he’s also artistic director for Creative Commons MENA.He studied Arab Media at the Sorbonne in Paris, France and scriptwriting and directing at Cineteca di Bologna, Italy, where he lives since 2010.

In 2012 he directed This is My Story. Or Ours?: four short documentaries produced for the EU on Awareness on Migration, development and human rights through local authorities in Bologna, Seville, Bucharest, and Riga. The documentary is freely watchable on YouTube, in the Italian version (here) and in the international version (here), with English subtitles. One of his main interests is censorship in the art of North Africa, Middle East, and beyond.

In 2014 he completed The Long Road to the Hall of Fame: From Tony King to Malik Farrakhan, a feature documentary about the many lives of Tony King, football player, movie star, political activist and security man for the legendary group Public Enemy: the film has been premiered at Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival in February 2015 and then at Human Rights Nights Festival, Bologna. In May 2016 Zine joined the collective #peruncinemadiverso to campaign for the launch of diversity politics in Italian film and TV industry, together with Nadia Kibout, Fred Kuwornu, Alfie Nze and other directors, programmers and critics.

Also a polyglot singer, guitarist and guembri player, known artistically as Red-A Zine, he joined the band Fawda Trio, blending Gnawa music, psychedelia and jazz. The ensemble together with LV aka Swamimillion in 2013/14 produced the musical project Road To Essaouira.

Italian Filmography

This Is My Story, Or Ours? (2012, doc, d, ed), The Long Road to the Hall of Fame: From Tony King to Malik Farrakhan (2014, doc, d, sc)


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