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Thiam, Thierno

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, T | 0 comments

Thiam, Thierno Billo

Thierno Thiam (Thierno “Billo” Thiam)

Actor (Touba, Senegal, 12.11.1972)

Born in Senegal, Thierno Thiam moved to Italy at 16, as an undocumented immigrant. Professional tailor, his dream was to make a living in fashion industry but he did many different jobs. In the meantime, he studied dance, specializing in hip hop. He was remarked in some appearances in TV shows (Carràmba che fortuna, Domenica In, Libero), and was assigned the nickname Billo. In 1999 he had his very first role in a film, with Amore a prima vista (1999). In 2008 was released Billo – Il Grand Dakhaar, an independent film freely inspired to his life, partly shoot in Senegal, his homecountry. He appeared in other films and TV series, like Capri and Boris.

Italian Filmography

Amore a prima vista (Vincenzo Salemme, 1999, ff, act), La finestra di fronte (Ferzan Ozpetek, 2003, ff, act), Le barzellette (Carlo Vanzina, 2004, ff, act), Il giudice Mastrangelo (s2e3. Delitto sul mare) (Enrico Oldoini, 2004, tvsact), Capri (s1) (Enrico Oldoini, Francesca Marra, 2006, tvs, act), Bianco e Nero (Cristina Comencini, 2008, ff, act), Capri (s2) (Andrea Barzini, Giorgio Molteni, 2008, tvs, act), Boris (s2e1.2. La mia Africa) (Giacomo Ciarrapico, Mattia Torre, Luca Vendruscolo, 2008, tvs, act), Billo. Il grand Dakhaar (Laura Muscardin, 2008, ff, act), Capri (s3) (Francesca Marra, Dario Acocella, 2008, tvs, act), L’incantatore di serpenti, la vita senza freno di Gian Carlo Fusco (Salvatore Allocca, 2010, ff, act), Anche se è amore non si vede (Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone, 2011, ff, act), Cosimo e Nicole (Francesco Amato, 2012, ff, act), Obiettivo salvezza (Anthony Peth, 2013, tvs, act), Sotto una buona stella (Carlo Verdone, 2014, ff, act), Scappo a casa (Enrico Lando, 2019, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Billo. Il grand Dakhaar. Dir. Laura Muscardin. Exordia Corporation S.r.l., The Coproducers, 2008.


Agency ItalyIMDb | Wikipedia Italian

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Renata Ornella Orlando and Ylenia Talevi

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