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Thabet, Faouzi

Posted on May 8, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, T | 0 comments

Faouzi Thabet

Faouzi Thabet

Sound designer (Tunis, Tunisia, 8.6.1948)

Born in Tunis in 1948, Faouzi Thabet is, to put it simply, The Tunisian sound designer. Teacher at ISAMM (Institut national des Arts Multimédias) in Tunis, since 1976 Thabet dedicated himself to supervise the sound of more than 50 Tunisian and foreign films shot in his home country. It is worth to mention, among other, works by Nouri Bouzid (Rih Essed aka The Man of Ashes, 1986; Safa’ih min dhahab aka Golden Horseshoes, 1988), Moufida Tlatli (Samt El Qusur aka The Silences of the Palace, 1994; Moussem errijel, 2000) and recent Hedi by Mohamed Ben Attia, selected in competition for Berlin International Film Festival in 2016. For his work in national film industry Thabet was awarded as Médaillé de l’ordre culturel (2002, 2004) and with Prix National des Lettres et des Arts (2005). He is sometimes credited as Faouzi Tabet, Fawzi Tabet, Fawzi Thabet and Faouzi Tabit.

Among other things, he supervised the sound for two films that are part of Italian filmography, firstly collective La guerra del Golfo… e dopo (1992) involving five Arab directors (Borhane Alaouiné, Néjia Ben Mabrouk, Nouri Bouzid, Mostapha Derkaoui, Elia Suleiman) and facing the legacy of the first Gulf War in Iraq. The second title is historical drama Baarìa by Giuseppe Tornatore, shot entirely in Tunisia and co-produced by Tarak Ben Ammar. For this professional performance, he was candidate to David di Donatello Awards for best sound designer in 2009. After that Thabet became a member of the Academy of Italian Cinema, that every year since 1956 assign David di Donatello Awards to Italian films.

Italian Filmography

La guerra del Golfo… e dopo (1992, ff, sdes), Baarìa (Giuseppe Tornatore, 2009, ff, sdes)

Photo by: Bedis Chaouachi



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