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Seihon, Koudous

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, S | 0 comments

Koudous Seihon in Mediterranea

Koudous Seihon

Actor (Zabrè, Burkina Faso, 3.5.1986)

Koudous Seihon is an actor of Ghanaian-Burkinabe origins. Born in Burkina Faso of a Ghanaian mother and a Burkinabè father, he grew up in Washington (Ivory Coast) and was sent back to his parental family in Zabré, Burkina Faso, after the death of his father, when he was 13. Looking for a job, he tried to migrate to Mali but was arrested in Algeria, then faced a new, more ambitious voyage to Europe, through Niger, Algeria and Libya, reaching Italy irregularly by boat. As he knew many African languages, he was hired by Italian agency Action as an interpreter and got ID papers. He was living in the countryside near Gioia Tauro, Calabria, and was very active in the movement for the defense of immigrant workers who promoted the riots in Rosarno in January 2010, when the director Jonas Carpignano met him. He was to act as a lead in the short A Chjàna and in the feature film Mediterranea, premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Carpignano’s second feature, A Ciambra (2017), taken from his short made in 2014, was premiered in Cannes Film Festival again (Directors’ Fortnight), and featured again Koudous Seihon as co-lead.

In 2018 Seihon was the lead in Rolando Colla’s movie Quello che non sai di me, an Italian-Swiss-Czech co-production still waiting for a world premiere, and featured in the TV movie Tutto il giorno davanti by Luciano Manuzzi, still to be aired, and in the short Ninfe by Isabella Torre, to be presented in competion at 2018 Venice Film Festival, section Orizzonti.

Italian Filmography

A Chjàna (Jonas Carpignano, 2012, sf, act), A Ciambra (Jonas Carpignano, 2014, sf, act), Mediterranea (Jonas Carpignano, 2015, ff, act), A Ciambra (Jonas Carpignano, 2017, ff, act), Ninfe (Isabella Torre, 2018, sf, act), Una pallottola nel cuore (s3e1) (Luca Manfredi, 2018, tvs, act), Quello che non sai di me (Rolando Colla, 2018, ff, act), Tutto il giorno davanti (Luciano Manuzzi, 2018, tvm, act)

Frame taken from:

Mediterranea. Dir. Jonas Carpignano. DCM, Audax Films, Blu Grotto, Court 13 Pictures, Good Films, 2015.


Agency ItalyIMDb 

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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