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Rostom, Hichem

Posted on Dec 12, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, R | 0 comments

Hichem Rostom in L'amico arabo

Hichem Rostom

Actor (La Marsa, Tunisia, 5.26.1947)

Born on 26 May 1947 at La Marsa in Tunisia, Hichem Rostom began his acting career at the age of 17. After graduating at College Saddiki, Tunis, he was introduced to Greek theater thanks to Aly Ben Ayed who proposed him to participate at a production of Othello, that inaugurated the International Cultural Center of Hammamet in 1964. Hichem moved to France to pursue his graduate studies, then he was employed as speaker at Radio France and as animator to Théâtre national populaire and made ​​appearances in near 60 pieces. He decided to return to Tunisia when Nouri Bouzid offered him the lead role in the movie Les Sabots en Or (Golden Horseshoes) in 1988, premiered at Cannes Film Festival. In his home country he directed Carthage Theater Festival for two sessions and staged several relevant theatrical productions.

He appeared in many important Tunisian films (Les Silences du palais, Moufida Tlatli, 1994; Essaïda, Mohamed Zran, 1996; Les Siestes grenadine, Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, 2003) and TV series but also in some international co-productions filmed in Tunisia, such as Anthony Minghella’s The English Patient (1996).

His face is somewhat popular also in Italy as he played in many film and especially TV series, from Un bambino di nome Gesù (A Child Called Jesus, 1990), starring also Fethi Haddaoui, Martine Gafsi, Kamel Alaoui, Hélène Katzaras, Abdellatif Hamrouni and Nouri Bouzid, to the recent Maria di Nazaret (Mary of Nazaret, 2012), featuring Mohamed Kouka e several other Tunisian actors.

Italian Filmography:

Un bambino di nome Gesù (Franco Rossi, 1990, tvm, act), Un inviato molto speciale (s1e7. Mal d‘Africa) (Vittorio De Sisti, 1992, tvs, act), L’amico arabo (Carmine Fornari, 1992, ff, act), Obiettivo indiscreto (Massimo Mazzucco, 1992, ff, act), Paparazzi (Neri Parenti, 1998, ff, act), Il conte di Montecristo (Josée Dayan, 1998, tvms, act), Augusto (Roger Young, 2003, tvms, act),  L’infiltrato (Giacomo Battiato, 2011, tvm, act), Il principe del deserto (Jean-Jacques Annaud, 2011, ff, act), Maria di Nazaret (Giacomo Campiotti, 2012, tvm, act)

Frame taken from:

L’amico arabo. Dir. Carmine Fornari. Aleph Film, Casanova, 1992.


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