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Ramírez, Lucía

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, R | 0 comments

Lucia Ramirez in Sesso nero

Lucía Ramírez

Actress (Santo Domingo, 3.11.1959)

Very little is known about this actress, who apparently acted sometimes uncredited only in the series of soft/hardcore features shot in Santo Domingo by Italian director Aristide Massaccesi, known mostly through his pseudonym of Joe D’Amato. Her origins remain uncertain. According to some sources, her real name would have been Lorenza and she would have been hired via a model agency, for others she was just a local girl in need of a job.

Her first film, Sesso nero (Exotic Malice, in a DVD edition available in US), is also known as the very first porn film released in Italian theatres, grossing more than a billion lire. Paradiso blu was clearly inspired by Randall Kleiser’s Blue Lagoon, and was presented as a Dominican production, directed by co-lead actress Anna Bergman. In Rosso sangue (aka Horrible), Lucía appears only through a TV screen while the last one, released in France as Les Déchaînements pervers de Manuela, was a collage of other films, redubbed to create a new film, with some hardcore inserts.

Italian Filmography

Sesso nero (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1980, ff, act), Orgasmo nero (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1980, ff, act), Le notti erotiche dei morti viventi (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1980, ff, act), Porno Holocaust  (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1980, ff, act), Paradiso blu (Aristide Massaccesi [Anna Bergman], 1980, ff, act), Hard sensation (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1980, ff, act), Rosso sangue (Aristide Massaccesi [Peter Newton], 1981, ff, act), Il mondo perverso di Beatrice (Aristide Massaccesi [John Bird], 1982, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Sesso nero. Dir. Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato]. P.C.M. International, 1980.


IMDb | Wikipedia English | Wikipedia Italian

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