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Petrone, Laila

Posted on May 11, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, P | 0 comments

Laila Petrone

Laila Petrone

Actress, producer and director (London, UK, 1.30.1978)

Laila Petrone is the daughter of Italian Salvatore Petrone and of Dominican-born actress Iris Peynado. Born in London, she was raised between Rome, Italy and Los Angeles, California, where she actually lives. As a child she appeared in a number of films including Luigi Magni’s State suoni, se potete (1983). As a college undergrad Laila studied International Affairs and continued to engage the screen. Laila Petrone also holds a Master of Media and Communications. She starred in the popular Italian music video Guantanamera by Banda Bassotti and in the short Mr 7 Minutes, together with Iris Peynado and Kassim Yassin. She also appeared in the cameo role of Pina for Spike Lee’s Miracle at St’ Anna in 2007. Her credits include the award winning short films The Bluest Note and A Conversation About Cheating with My Time Traveling Future SelfOver the past five years, Laila has focused on working as an assistant director and producer in Los Angeles. In 2014 she directed her first short, Your Love, premiered at Urbanworld Film Festival in September.

Italian Filmography

State buoni, se potete (Luigi Magni, 1983, ff, act), Guantanamera (Saverio Di Biagio, 2003, vc, act)Miracolo a Sant’Anna (Spike Lee, 2008, ff, act), Mr 7 Minutes (Pierluca Di Pasquale, 2009, sf, pr)


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Daria Picardi and Renata Ornella Orlando

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