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Okoh, Rose

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, O | 0 comments

Rose Okoh in Akpegi Boyz

Rose Okoh

Producer and actor (Nigeria)

Born in Nigeria, Delta Region, she moved to Italy in 1995 and had some precarious jobs, notably as a nurse in a retirement home, and then as a caregiver in a Turin-based family. In 2005 Rose met fellow countryman Vincent Andrew and founded production company GVK (Given Vividly with Kindness), and with some other Nigerians based in Turin, 16 associates in all, financed the initiative with her savings. In 2006 she produced and costarred in the short Efe-Obomwan, completed in 2007, co-starred with Andrew, a love story between an Ijaw and an Ogoni, two peoples divided by a civil war. The film was a straight-to-video production, registered at SIAE and released in whole Italy through the net of African markets, in a way typical of Nollywood, Nigeria-based production.

In May 2006 they met Turin-born visual artist Simone Sandretti, at that time engaged in a tesis project in anthropology on Edo community in Turin. Sandretti joined GVK together with Marco Perugini, as technical assistant and sound designer. In 2008 she produced and acted, in the role of a bad girl, head of a group of sex workers, straight-to-video feature Akpegi Boyz, an urban thriller drama on the war between the members of a gang exploiting prostitution, to be presented at Istituto Paralleli, Turin (June 2009, with the pilot of series Blinded Devil), Barriera Arte, Turin (October 2009), at University of Naples “L’Orientale” (October 2010), at Cinema Massimo, Turin (event Nollytour, november 2010, with musical Ukado and episode 4 of Blinded Devil), and at Sguardi Altrove Festival, Milan (March 2011).

In 2009 Andrew, Sandretti and Okoh started to work at a web series to be called Blinded Devil, but apparently only some episodes were realized and released, while the whole project dropped off for financial reasons.

Rose Okoh returned to Nigeria in early 2010s.

Italian Filmography

Efe-Obomwan (Vincent Andrew, 2007, sf, act, pr), Akpegi Boyz (Vincent Andrew, Simone Sandretti, 2008, ff, act, pr), Uwado (Vincent Andrew, Simone Sandretti, 2008, sf, pr), Blinded Devil (Vincent Andrew, Simone Sandretti, 2009, ws, pr)

Frame taken from:

Akpegi Boyz. Dir. Vincent Andrew, Simone Sandretti. GVK, 2008.

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Sara Talevi

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