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Mouatamid, Elia

Posted on Jan 1, 2018 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments


Elia Mouatamid (Ilyass Mouatamid)

Director and actor (Fès, Morocco, 12.25.1982)

Elia Mouatamid is an Italian director, grown up and currently based in Brescia, Italy. Born in Fes, Morocco as Ilyass Moutamid in the 1982 Christmas day, two months later his family moved to the small town of Rovato, near Brescia, in the Northern Italy. In 2001, Elia got his high school diploma as steel worker expert and started to work as quality manager in a company. Passionate about theatre, in 2008, he enrolled the Brescia Academy of voice and finished the three-year period participating in several productions as actor. In 2008 he joined Milan Mohole film school, where he obtained his diploma as film director. Starting from 2008, he has been directing a few short and documentaries, participating to several national and international film festivals. In 2015 he directed the short Gaiwan, selected by more than seventy film festivals all over the world, obtaining twenty-five awards.

Talien, his first feature documentary, was premiered at Turin Film Festival earning the Jury Special Prize in the Italiana.doc section and the Gandhi Glasses Award. Talien tells the story of a double trip, from Italy to Morocco, through France and Spain and involving father and son, Abdelouaheb (Aldo) and the director Elia. For Aldo is an homecoming, after almost forty years in Italy.

Elia is married to an Italian theatrical actress, Valeria Battaini. He realized also Arabiscus – Le conseguenze dell’invasione, a webseries on the misadventures of a mixed couple, confronted with the stereotypes circulating on Islam in Italy. You can watch it on the YouTube page of the director.

In May 2018, Mouatamid participed as actor to the shooting in the island of Lampedusa of a feature film to be directed by Maurizio Zaccaro and inspired by a an autobiographical book by Pietro Bartolo, Lacrime di sale (Tears of Salt).

Italian Filmography

KLANdestino (2007, sf, d), Abbracciami (2014, sf, d), Gaiwan (2015, sf, d), Arabiscus - Le conseguenze dell’invasione (2016, ws, d), Talien (2017, doc, d, act), 35° parallelo (Maurizio Zaccaro, 2019, ff, act)



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