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Melenciano, Antonio

Posted on Apr 5, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, M | 2 comments

Melenciano Antonio in Vacanze ai Caraibi

Antonio Melenciano

Actor (Santo Domingo)

Actor, singer, dancer and playwright, born in Santo Domingo, Antonio Melenciano graduated in advertising arts at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. He started to practice theatre with Haffe Serrulle at UASD theatre and later with José Mateo. He studied performing arts in Argentina at Palermo and Social Sciences University, dance with Carlos Veitía in Santo Domingo, contemporary jazz with Manuel Vallejo in Buenos Aires, singing with Marianela Sánchez, Sánchez Cesteros and others. He participated into Coro Nacional and the most important choirs in the country.

Starting from mid 2000s, Melenciano appeared in several commercials, TV series, theatrical productions and radio programs. He wrote and staged I Love RD, Mi otra mitad, that is considered the first Dominican musical, and was given two nominations at Casandra Awards. He starred also in a few TV series and features produced in Argentina, Spain, France.

His appearances in Italian films are limited to two cinepanettoni by Neri Parenti, Natale in crociera and recent Vacanze ai Caraibi, where he plays in the role of a priest, alongside Yohana Allen and Yaritza Reyes.

Italian Filmography:

Natale in crociera (Neri Parenti, 2007, ff, act), Vacanze ai Caraibi (Neri Parenti, 2015, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Vacanze ai Caraibi. Dir. Neri Parenti. Wildside, 2015.


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    • It’s a pleasure for us to promote Afrodescendant artists from all over the world. Hope you will have some more and more varied opportunities to show your talent from Italian filmmakers. All the best from Leonardo

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