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Mele, Liliana

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments

Liliana Mele in Don Matteo 10

Liliana Mele

Actress (Gondar, Ethiopia, 1984)

Born in Ethiopia in 1984 of Italian father and Ethiopian mother, Liliana Mele moved with her family to Rome, Italy, when she was 6. From an early age she showed a passion for performing and visual arts. In Italy she studied ballet for a while and later moved on to artistic gymnastic. At 14 her parents fled back with her to Ethiopia, so she joined the theatrical workshop “Thirb Millennium Airbag”, organized by Italian Culture Institute and lasting three years. In 1999 she participated into the preselection of beauty pageant Miss Italy in the world, taking place in Addis Abeba, and won the crown of Miss Ethiopia. In 2000 she was back to Italy and participated into the final session to Miss Italy in the world, being placed at fourth position.

Liliana soon after started to model and in a few years opened on cinema with Carlo Verdone in L̓’amore è eterno finché dura (2004). After that she appeared in several features and TV series, namely in RAI action-adventure series Gente di mare, in two seasons, where she became a popular face for the role of Amina, and in the second season of Bruno Hellers’ Rome, filmed in Cinecittà. She had roles in some more films directed by Giovanni Veronesi, Luca Verdone, Giulio Manfredonia and in 2016 appeared as guest star in an episode of popular RAI TV series Don Matteo, 10th season.

Beyond her TV and film roles, Liliana cultivated also her passion for vocal jazz, attending to music academy Saint Louis in Rome and several workshops abroad and in Italy. She performed the role of Cleopatra in a theatrical production staged by Johannes Bramante at Teatro Spazio Uno, Rome. Passion for art and music led her to graduate in Perfoming Arts at Sapienza University in Rome.  Liliana appeared also in a few commercials and video clips and had some experience in dubbing. Her latest appearance is in the TV movie Tutto il mondo è paese (Picomedia), ispired by the experience of the mayor of Riace Mimmo Lucano, still waiting to be aired on RAI.

Italian Filmography:

L’amore è eterno finché dura (Carlo Verdone, 2004, ff, act), Distretto di polizia (s5) (Lucio Gaudino, tvs, act), Gente di mare (s1) (Vittorio De Sisti, Alfredo Peyretti, Franco Angeli, 2005-06, tvs, act); Gente di mare (s2) (Vittorio De Sisti, Alfredo Peyretti, 2006-07, tvs, act); Rome (s2) (2006-07, tvs, act), Il capitano (s2) (Vittorio Sindoni, 2007, tvms, act), La scelta di Laura (Alessandro Piva, 2009, tvms, act), Italians (Giovanni Veronesi, 2009, ff, act), Non resisto (Simona Lianza, 2010, vc, act), La meravigliosa avventura di Antonio Franconi (Luca Verdone, 2011, ff, act), On/Off (Mario Marasco, 2012, ff, act), Man Up (Antonio Palumbo, 2012, vc, act), Tutto tutto niente niente (Giulio Manfredonia, 2012, ff, act), Rosso San Valentino (Fabrizio Costa, 2013, tvms, act), Per amore del mio popolo – Don Diana (Andrea Frazzi, 2014, tvms, act), Don Matteo (s10e24. Ultimo giro di giostra) (Jan Maria Michelini, 2016, tvs, act), Tutto il mondo è paese (Giulio Manfredonia, 2018, tvm, act)

Frame taken from:

Don Matteo (s10e24. Ultimo giro di giostra. Dir. Jan Maria Michelini). Lux Vide, 2016.


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