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Mefehnja Tatcheu

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments

Hukijairo Mefehnja Tatcheu (close-up)

Mefehnja Tatcheu (Hukijairo Mefehnja Tatcheu)

Actor and director (Cameroon, 9.21.1984)

Mefehnja Tatcheu was born in Cameroon, from Cameroonian parents. Raised in Bamenda (Cameroon), he got a Certificate of Professional Attitude at GTC Government Technical school in 2002, and a baccalaureate in audiovisual servicing at GTHS Government Technical High School (2005). After that, always in Bamenda he got a Professional School Diploma from CRAT Computer Resources and Technology (2006). Once he moved in Trieste, Italy, he attended a theater course (2009-11) promoted by ACTIS Associazione Culturale Teatro Immagine e Suono.

In 2010 he started to have roles in shorts, film and TV series, appeared in the installation Fractal Not Singing by Fernando Garbellotto showcased at Venice Biennale and in Francesco Lagi’s Missione di pace (Peace Mission). In the same year he played the role of an African refugee in an episode of German TV series Unter Verdacht, starring Senta Berger, filmed in Italy. Always in 2010, he directed the medium length documentary Con gli occhi dell’altro (With the Eyes of the Other), on the life of street vendors in Trieste, showcased on Rai 3 and in several film festivals. After that, he had acting experiences also on stage, in productions staged in Trieste and Veneto region, and in November 2013 directed and acted in the play Mef nella vita degli altri (Teatro Sloveno, Trieste). He played a special extra role on Salvatores’ Il ragazzo invisibile (The Invisible Boy). Mefehnja features, together with Rufin Doh Zeyenouin, also in Wake Up – Vite parallele (website), an independent low budget film directed by Congo-born actor Pegas Ekamba Bessa, currently still in post-production.

Italian Filmography:

The Roommate – Study and Fun in Trieste (Andrea Magnani, 2010, sf, act), Fractal Net Singing (Giancarlo Marinelli, Fernando Garbellotto, 2010, inst, act), Con gli occhi dell’altro (2010, doc, d), Missione di pace (Francesco Lagi, 2011, ff, act), Sposami (Umberto Marino, 2012, tvms, act), Il ragazzo invisibile (Gabriele Salvatores, 2014, ff, act)


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