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Mbezele, Félicité

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments

Felicité Mbezele in Tutti insieme all'improvviso

Félicité Mbezele (Félicité Mbezele Mengbwa)

Actress (Yaoundé, Camerun, 1.12.1971)

Born in Camerun, Felicité Mbezele came to Italy to settle in Rome, where he attended to Pietro Sharoff Academy, and currenly lives. Later he had some other internships to train as actress in film and TV, between Bologna and Rome. He acted in some theatre productions, among which Kantheros – Un’africana a Roma, that she wrote and directed for Teatro Colosseo in Rome, with the supervision of Ettore Scola, to be published soon after, in 2006. He wrote, directed and performed in three other productions, called “I racconti della piccola Africa”È natale anche per Fanta, and Madre Africa. She appeared also occasionally in feature films, directed by Francesco Maselli, Carlo Vanzina or Ferzan Ozpetek, but she acted mostly in TV series starting from the mid 1990s, notably in the three seasons of Una donna per amico (1998-2001) and in Mediaset comedy series Tutti insieme all’improvviso, aired starting 15 January 2016.

Italian Filmography

Intolerance – Sguardi del cinema sull’intolleranza (e Pietas) (Francesco Maselli, 1996, ff, act), Uno di noi (Fabrizio Costa, 1996, tvs, act), Magia verde (Maurizio Sciarra, 1996, ps, act), S.P.Q.R. (Claudio Risi, tvs, 1998, act), Un nero per casa (Gigi Proietti, 1998, tvm, act), Una donna per amico (s1-3) (1998-2001, tvs, act), Tequila & Bonetti (Maurizio Dell’Orso, 1999-2000, tvs, act), Harem Suaré (Ferzan Ozpetek, 1999, ff, act), Morte di una ragazza perbene (Luigi Perelli, 1999, tvms, act), In principio erano le mutande (Anna Negri, 1999, ff, act), Malefemmene (Fabio Conversi, 2001, ff, act), Distretto di polizia (s2) (Antonello Grimaldi, 2001, tvs, act), L’ultima pallottola (Michele Soavi, tvs, 2002, act), Il pranzo della domenica (Carlo Vanzina, 2003, ff, act),  Distretto di polizia (s5) (Antonello Grimaldi, 2005, tvs, act), Lagos – Novara senza ritorno (Alberto Cicala, 2005, mlf, act), Un ciclone in famiglia (s3) (Carlo Vanzina, 2007, tvs, act), Miacarabefana.it (Ludovico Gasparini, 2009, tvm, act), Black star (Francesco Castellani, 2012, ff, act), La sedia della felicità (Carlo Mazzacurati, 2014, ff, act), Tutto può succedere (s1) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2015, tvms, act), Tutti insieme all’improvviso (Francesco Pavolini, 2016, tvms, act), Tutto può succedere (s2) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2017, tvms, act), La recita (Guido Lombardi, 2017, sf, act), Tutto può succedere (s2) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Casale, 2017, tvms, act), Caccia al tesoro (Carlo Vanzina, 2017, ff, act)


Agency Italy | IMDb

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Renato Loriga, Renata Ornella Orlando and Francesco Russo

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