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Marroccu, Yassine Marco

Posted on Jan 29, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments

Yassine Marco Marroccu

Yassine Marco Marroccu

Director (Casablanca, Morocco, 1979)

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1979 of Sardinian father and Moroccan mother, Yassine Marco Marroccu was educated in Italy. He realized several shorts, in collaboration with Mattia Vale. He studied at Udine University and spent seven months of placement in Morocco, when was second assistant for the short Les Ombres de la mort (Mohamed Mouftakir, 2003). After that he became first assistant. He collaborated with Moroccan Productions & Services in Cinedina Studios, working as his referee in Italy. In 2004 he created the studio Eclipse. Still in Morocco, he collaborated in the executive production of several foreign productions, being first assistant director in some thirty commercials and films. In 2004 co-produced with studio Arcult the short Derdba.  In 2005, with Sigma Technologies, he directed and edited a musical video, Dear Mama, for duo Oum et Barry. He worked as assistant director for Prince of Persia (Mike Newell, 2010), filmed in Morocco.

As a director, he realized a short called Gnawas in 2003, showcased in several film festivals and aired on Rai 3. His second short,  Trr… Issa!!! Blave Runner (2003), was co-directed by Mattia Vale. In 2012 he written and directed the short Entropya, a 20 minutes long sequence shot, starring Driss Roukhe and Amal Ayouch, His first feature film, initially called Trê-Sé-Shalosh and finally released as Three The Movie, co-directed by Elisabetta Minen, was filmed in 2007 but finished and showcased in several film festivals only in 2015. Since autumn 2013 he’s working at his second feature, to be called Catharsys or The Afina Tales of the Lost World or Jamal Afina, a project based on a script wrote by himself, that was awarded a contribution of 4,700,000 Dh (about 470,000 USD) by Moroccan Film Center (CCM) in March 2014, and presented at the 8th Edition of the BABYLON Programme (Vienna, February 2015)His latest pic, the dark sci-fi tale Catharsys or The Afina Tales of the Lost Worldstarred by Mohamed Zouaoui, was premiered out of competition at Turin Film Festival 2018. 

Italian Filmography

Gnawas (2003, sf, d), Trr… Issa!!! Blave Runner (2003, sf, cod Mattia Vale), Entropya (2013, sf, d), Three The Movie (2015, ff, cod Elisabetta Minen), Catharsys or The Afina Tales of the Lost World (2018, ff, d)


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Claudia Floridia and Francesco Russo

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