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Marino, Salvatore

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, M | 0 comments

Salvatore Marino in Il colore dell'odio

Salvatore Marino

Actor (Asmara, Eritrea, 1.2.1960)

Salvatore Marino is an Italian actor and showman, active in film, theatre and TV live shows. Born in Eritrea (in those days still Ethiopia) from an Italian father and an Eritrean mother, Salvatore Marino settled in Rome, Italy, when he was 15. After taking his high-school diploma as an accountant, he attended the acting school Accademia Sharoff and then a theatre workshop led by Gigi Proietti. He played in several Italian films but he’s mostly known for his prolific and successful experience of acting in theatre, TV and radio. His first and only role as lead in a film was in Pasquale Squitieri’s Il colore dell’odio, where he starred as Rashid, a Moroccan-Sicilian young man wrongly accused of murder. He was part of the main cast in the two seasons of Amico mio, a very popular medical drama series. Since 2014-15, Marino is in the cast of RAI TV popular daily live show I fatti vostri.

In July 2018, it has been announced Marino’s role as artistic director of VerticalMovie Festival

Italian Filmography

Stangata napoletana (Vittorio Caprioli, 1983, ff, act), L’isola del tesoro (Antonio Margheriti [Anthony M. Dawson]), Il segreto del Sahara (Alberto Negrin, 1987, tvs, act), Appuntamento a Liverpool (Marco Tullio Giordana, 1988, ff, act), Stradivari (Giacomo Battiato, 1988, ff, act), Il colore dell’odio (Pasquale Squitieri, 1989, ff, act), Villa Arzilla (Gigi Proietti, 1990, tvs, act), Abbronzatissimi (Bruno Gaburro, 1991, ff, act), Amico mio (Paolo Poeti, 1993-94, tvs, act), Il delitto di via Monte Parioli (Antonio Bonifacio, 1998, ff, act), Amico mio (s2) (Paolo Poeti, 1998, tvs, act), Gente di Roma (Ettore Scola, 2003, ff, act), Se sei così ti dico sì (Eugenio Cappuccio, 2011, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Il colore dell’odio. Dir. Pasquale Squitieri. Dania Film, Filmes International, Medusa Distribuzione, National Cinematografica,VIDI, 1989.


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Contributors: Maria Coletti and Leonardo De Franceschi, with Renata Ornella Orlando and Francesco Russo

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