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Lombardo Arop, Ashai

Posted on Jul 16, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, L | 1 comment

Ashai Lombardo Arop in Trilussa

Ashai Lombardo Arop

Actress (Genoa, Italy, 7.23.0000)

Born in Genoa, of Italian mother, native of Calabria region, and South Sudanese father, a refugee. After graduation Ashai moved to London and lived there for five years. Back to Italy, she enrolled in Bologna University, Perfoming Arts Department, and started studying classic dance. The discovery of ethnochoreology and ethnic dances opened for her a direction in artistic life. In 2007 she set up the company and association Danzemeticce to promote dance and performing arts as transcultural vehicles. In 2013 she founded EthniContemporary DanceTheatre Company, working on an experience of theater based on the body language and inspired to the concept of popular rituality. In the domain of performing arts, she studied and practiced with Joseph Ragno, Pierpaolo Sepe, César Brie, Odin Teatret, Teatro delle Albe, Giuliano Scabia, Marco Sgrosso, Monique Arnaud, Michele Monetta.  In theater, she played in productions under the direction of Maurizio Scaparro, Antonio Calenda, Tato Russo, Antonio Salines, among others. Starting from 2000s, Ashai had also some acting experiences in film, expecially shorts and TV series. She organizes stages and laboratories of ethno-contemporary dance and theater dance all over Italy.


Italian Filmography:

Ilir (Michele Fasano, 2003, mlf, act), Stop… pausa! (Michele Fasano, 2004, sf, act), Che strano chiamarsi Federico – Scola racconta Fellini (Ettore Scola, 2013, doc, act), Provaci ancora prof (s5) (Tiziana Aristarco, 2013, act), Trilussa – Storia d’amore e di poesia (Ludovico Gasparini, 2013, tvm, act), Stanza 8 (Mattia Riccio, 2016, sf, act)

Frame taken from:

Trilussa – Storia d’amore e di poesia. Dir. Ludovico Gasparini. Rai Fiction, Titanus, 2013.


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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