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Lima Roque, Federico

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, L | 0 comments

Federico Lima Roque in Tutto può succedere

Federico Lima Roque (Horaldo Federico Lima Roque)

Actor (Rome, Italy, 12.7.1986)

Federico Lima Roque, sometimes credited as Federico Lima, is an Italian actor born in Rome, in 1986, in a family of Cape Verdean origins. His parents left the islands when they were not of age. His mother found a job in Rome at 17. His father, a sailor, traveled throughout Europe before being reunited with the family. The connection with Cape Verdean origins is very strong and was mostly her mother to pass on the traditions of her country. After high school, he enrolled the faculty of Psychological Technical Sciences at La Sapienza University. In those years he developed a curiosity and a passion for theater and at 19 started to attend an amateurish company, acting in some productions. After that, he chose theater, leaving the university and enrolling in 2009 at Dramatic Art National Academy “Silvio D’Amico” in Rome, where he got his diploma in 2012.

In a few years he worked with theater masters such as Luca Ronconi, Paolo Giuranna, Michele Monetta, Arturo Cirillo, Massimiliano Farau, Lorenzo Salveti, Francesco Manetti, Belarus Free Theater and Valentino Villa. From 2010 to 2015 he took part in over 15 productions, among which Nina Variations by Steven Dietz (Max Farau, 2010) and Composizioni (Anna Marchesini, 2011), staged at Spoleto Festival, and L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù by Luigi Pirandello (2010), La disputa by Marivaux (Giacomo Settis Bisordi, 2010), Don Juan by Moliere (Settis Bisordi, 2011), King Lear by Shakespeare (Settis Bisordi, 2012). The latest production was Lampedusa Snow (Lina Prosa, 2015).

Since late 2010s Federico started to have roles in shorts, TV series and webseries. In 2012 he participated in an anti-HIV photographic and video campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health, starring Raul Bova.  In early 2016 he appeared in TV series Tutto può succedere, an Italian adaptation of NBC Parenthood, as the brother of Feven (Esther Elisha), alongside Félicité Mbezele and Sean Ghedion Nolasco. In 2017, he co-stars in the short Il legionario, premiered at Venice Film Festival, alongside Germano Gentile.

Italian Filmography:

Riflesso (David Petrucci, 2008, sf, act), Pazza di lui (Luca Bardella, 2013, sf, act), Provaci ancora prof (s5) (Tiziana Aristarco, 2013, tvs, act), Rex (s7e10. L’iniziazione) (Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, 2014, tvs, act), Registi senza gloria (Marco Pecchinino, 2014, ws, act), Tutto può succedere (s1) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2015, tvs, act), Tutto può succedere (s2) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2017, tvs, act), Il legionario (Hleb Papou, 2017, sf, act), Una pallottola nel cuore (s3e1) (Luca Manfredi, 2018, tvs, act)

Frame taken from:

Tutto può succedere. Dir. Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, Rai Fiction, Cattleya, 2015.


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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