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L’Africa in Italia

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 in Book | 0 comments

L'Africa in Italia minicover

L’Africa in Italia: Per una controstoria postcoloniale del cinema italiano

Leonardo De Franceschi (ed.)

Rome: Aracne editrice, 2013, 512 pp.


Formats available: Print on demand (32 €), PDF (19,20 €)

Actors, directors, technicians, crew members: a little invisible army of beyond five hundred women and men is the protagonist of this book. Once born in an African country, in Italy of African parents or being an expression of historical diasporas, these filmmakers have contributed to keep the ship of Italian cinema sailing, by carrying with them talents, tales, concepts that recall to us the character irreducibly plural, complex and heterogeneous of the society we live in. Ten glances on ten junctions in the recent or past history of Italian cinema, ten meetings with filmmakers protagonist of the contemporary scene, one database full of names and information: with Africa in Italy a work in progress-project opens up, that is addressed to filmmakers, film scholars and students or most simply filmgoers, aiming to produce a more inclusive vision of Italian cinema.

This volume presents contributions by: Gina Annunziata, Alice Casalini, Maria Coletti, Leonardo De Franceschi, Rosetta Giuliani Caponetto, Shelleen Greene, Alessandro Jedlowski, Simone Moraldi, Farah Polato, Vito Zagarrio. With a foreword by Annamaria Rivera and an afterword by Igiaba Scego.

Conversations with: Tarek Ben Abdallah, Rachid Benhadj, Kim Bikila, Mohamed Challouf, Eriq Ebouaney, Esther Elisha, Theo Eshetu, Ahmed Hafiene, Fred Kuwornu, Dagmawi Yimer.

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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