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Kine Boye, Fatou

Posted on Oct 2, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, K | 0 comments

Fatou Kine Boye in Bakhita

Fatou Kine Boye

Actress (Dakar, Senegal, 10.18.1979)

Born in Dakar in 1979, in a big extended family, Kine Boye met in her home country an Italian steward, and with him reached Italy in 2001, starting to work in a fashion store based in Rome as salesgirl. Knowing they were casting for a TV series, she did a screen test and was chosen to play the main role in Bakhita, a 2-episode TV movie, on the life of a Sudan-born woman, Josephine Margaret Bakhita (1869-1947), declared a saint in 2000. After that, she had supporting roles also in the second season of TV series Butta la luna, starring Fiona May and Juliet Esey Joseph and in TV miniseries Madre, aiutami, alongside Michel Leroy and Sylvia Savy. Fatou played also the mother of the lead in Swiss-Ivory Coast co-production Lionel (Mohamed Soudani, 2010).

Italian Filmography:

Butta la luna 2 (Vittorio Sindoni, 2009, tvms, act), Bakhita (Giacomo Campiotti, 2009, tvms, act), Benvenuti in casa Ba (Giallo in casa Ba) (Monica Taburchi, 2010, tvs, act), Madre, aiutami (Gianni Lepre, 2013, tvms, act)

Frame taken from:

Bakhita. Dir. Giacomo Campiotti. Rai Fiction, Titania Produzioni, 2009.


Agency Italy | IMDb

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Luigi Forgione and Simone Neri

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