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Kenawi, Mohamed

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 in Filmmakers Database, K | 0 comments

Mohamed Kenawi

Mohamed Kenawi

Director, screenwriter and producer (Kena, Egypt, 12.3.1972)

Born in Egypt, Mohamed Kenawi graduated in Italian Language and Literature from the University of Ain Chams (Cairo-Egypt) and worked as a translator and writer before emigrating to Italy in 2000 and settling in Rome.
In 2002 he took a diploma in directing and editing at the Rome Cinema School and in 2003 did a specialist courses in editing. He was an Assistant Producer with Orbit, the satellite television network, in Rome from 2003 to 2006.
Kenawi has broad experience of oral history as a practitioner, teacher and consultant. His oral histories range across social, cultural, environmental, multicultural and political themes and have been made into articles, short feature films, tv programmes and TV documentaries.  Since 2006 he’s been making films with his production house Domino Film a series of documentaries that explore multiculturalism, ethnic minorities and human rights issues outside a legal or formal framework. Several of his documentaries have been co-produced and broadcast on Al Jazeera channels.

His documentary Maschera mia, quanto mi costi (The Rest Behind the Mask), premiered at Bari International Film Festival in March 2013 and broadcast by Rai Storia in January 2014, introduces us to Ali Saoudi, a young Tunisian expat come to Italy with the dream to become an actor and and ended up performing as a living statue for tourists. In 2016 he directed the documentary series The Orient in Their Arts, co-produced by Al Jazeera Network, a collection of artists’ portraits inspired by Islamic art and orientalism. Kenawi’s latest work is a documentary entitled Quando Rumi incontra Francesco (When Rumi Meets Francis) and is inspired by the idea of the music as bridge between cultures and religions.

Italian Filmography

Fatti di cronaca (2004, sf, d, sc), In… contro (sf, d, sc), Come funamboli sul filo (2006, doc, d, sc, pr), Mondo a colori (2006, doc, d, sc, pr), Sukkar (2006, doc, d, sc, pr), Sullo stesso mare (2007, doc, d, sc, pr),  I signori dei vasi (2007, doc, d, sc, pr), Piccole corde (2008, doc, d, sc, pr), L’impero della pizza (2008, doc, d, sc, pr), Quando la musica suona (2009, doc, d, sc, pr), Poeti arabi di Sicilia (2010, doc, d, sc, pr), L’Albania musulmana (2010, doc, d, sc, pr), Macedonia (2011, doc, d, sc, pr), Romania, lo spettro della tirannia (2011, doc, d, sc, pr), Hamza (2011, doc, d, sc, pr), Donne che rifiutano la morte (2012, doc, d, sc, pr), Maschera mia, quanto mi costi (2013, docf, d, sc, pr), Danimarca prima e dopo le vignette (2014, doc, d, sc, pr), The Orient in Their Arts (2016, doc, tvs, d, sc, pr), Quando Rumi incontra Francesco (2017, doc, d, sc, pr), Il sogno dei minori (2019, doc, d, sc, pr), The Stranger (2019, doc, d, sc, pr)


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Luigi Forgione and Simone Neri

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