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Ibrahim, Yacoubou

Posted on Jan 20, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, I | 0 comments

Yacoubou Ibrahim in Tutti insieme all'improvviso

Yacoubou Ibrahim

Actor (Beroubonay, Benin, 1.1.1967)

Born in Benin (1967), Yacoubou Ibrahim attended several acting school in Rome and Naples from 1991 to 2003, notably some stages in Stanislavski’s system, bodily expression, psychophysical energy technique, improvisation technique, studying with Alina Narciso, Mario Sedita, Bruno Montefusco, Massimo Bonetti, Massimo Valenti, Renato Carpentieri.

Since 1995 he started to have roles in theatrical productions, staged in Naples, Rome, Salerno, Benevento, Taormina, San Benedetto del Tronto. In 1996 he joined Compagnia Teatrale “CAM dello Spettacolo”. Among the productions he participated, is worth mentioning Andate all’inferno (texts by Manlio Santarelli, directed by Nello La Mascia, Maschio Angioino, Naples, 1998), La pelle (inspired to Curzio Malaparte’s novel, adapted and staged by Armando Pugliese, Taormina Arte-Teatro, 1998), Muna Anjambe (as lead; directed by Alina Narciso and staged at Teatro Galleria Toledo, Naples, 2001; production awarded with Premio Girulà, Best Drama in season 2000-01), Forat S.R.L. (texts by Gemma Rodriguez, for the event “La scrittura della differenza”, Villanueva, Saletta Rossa di Guida a Port’Alba, Naples), O Vico (staged by Michele Grosso, Teatro Instabile, Naples), Sono gfiorite le rose (staged by Anna Rede, Anfiteatro di Santamaria Capuavetere, Caserta), Sam Capuozzo (staged by Marina Confalone, Ente Teatro Cronaca, Naples, 2009), Canta o sparo (texts by Manlio Santanelli, staged by Fabio Cocifoglia, Teatro Piccolo Bellini, Naples, 2013).

From 1999 to 2000 he worked at TV show Casba, aired by local TV Napolitivù and directed by Guido Valligiano. Since 2000 he had roles in popular TV series like La squadra, Distretto di polizia and Un posto al sole and films such as acclaimed Matteo Garrone’s Gomorra (2008) and comedy A Napoli non piove mai. Recently he appeared in the role of Chiumbo in TV series Tutti insieme all’improvviso, featuring also Félicité Mbezele and Kelly Palacios. In 2006 he had a small role in Mission: Impossible III by J.J. Abrams, filmed also in Italy.

Yacoubou is active also as cultural and linguistic mediator for socio-medical assistance to migrants, secretary of the association A3i (Associazione degli Immigrati per l’Integrazione in Italia) and component of Forum dell’Immigrazione, linked to Democratic Party.

Italian Filmography:

La squadra (2000, 2003, 2007, tvs, act), Sottovento (Stefano Vicario, 2001, ff, act), Distretto di polizia (Antonello Grimaldi, 2001, tvs, act), Cuori rubati (Stefano Martucci, 2002-03, tvs, act), Un posto al sole (Fulvio Wetzl, 2004, tvs, act), Una passione non trascurabile (Antonio Vladimir Marino, sf, 2006, act), Gomorra (Matteo Garrone, 2008, ff, act), A Napoli non piove mai (Sergio Assisi, 2015, ff, act),  Tutti insieme all’improvviso (Lorenzo Pavolini, 2015, tvs, act)

Frame taken from:

Tutti insieme all’improvviso (s1e1). Dir. Lorenzo Pavolini. Picomedia, 2015.



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