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Hogan, Percy

Posted on Nov 22, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, H | 0 comments

Percy Hogan

Percy Hogan


Very little is known about this presumably US-born actor who starred in several Italian exploitation films but also in popular mainstream comedies directed by Sergio Corbucci, Dino Risi, and Castellano & Pipolo, from 1971 until 1986. It is worth to mention his participation, in the small role of a black GI, to the Italian-German coproduction Nel regno di Napoli, premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 1978. He acted also in two Hollywood productions shot in Rome, Jerry London’s Rent-a-Cop (1987) and Terence Young’s Run for Your Life (1988), his latest title.

Italian Filmography

L’uomo più velenoso del cobra (Bitto Albertini [Albert J. Walker], 1971, ff, act), Mosè, la legge del deserto (Gianfranco De Bosio, tvs, 1974, act), Emanuelle nera n. 2 (Bitto Albertini [Albert Thomas], 1976, ff, act), Emanuelle bianca e nera (Mario Pinzauti, 1976, ff, act), Emanuelle in America (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1976, ff, act), Il signor Robinson, mostruosa storia d’amore e d’avventure (Sergio Corbucci, 1976, ff, act), Per amore di Poppea (Mariano Laurenti, 1977, ff, act), Anno zero – Guerra nello spazio (Alfonso Brescia [Al Bradley], 1977, ff, act), Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1977, ff, act),  Piedone l’Africano (Stefano Vanzina [Steno], 1978, ff, act), 6000 km di paura (Bitto Albertini [Albert Thomas], 1978, ff, act), Nel regno di Napoli (Werner Schroeter, 1979, ff, act), Duri a morire (Aristide Massaccesi [Joe D'Amato], 1979, ff, act), Dagobert (Dino Risi, 1984, ff, act), Il burbero (Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia [Pipolo], 1986, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Il signor Robinson, mostruosa storia d’amore e d’avventure. Dir. Sergio Corbucci. Vides Cinematografica, 1976.



Contributors: Maria Coletti and Leonardo De Franceschi, with Isabella Fabrizi and Renata Ornella Orlando

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