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Hendy, Janine

Posted on May 25, 2014 in Filmmakers Database, H | 2 comments

Jeanine Hendy in Le gladiatrici

Janine Hendy


Probably an US-born actress, Janine Hendy acted in several films, mostly of historical costume genre, such as Le gladiatrici (Thor and the Amazon Women, in US) and Taur, re della forza bruta (Taur the Mighty), starting from 1959In 1961, a photo with her and director Alessandro Blasetti (Il mondo, 13.7) informs us about her participation to the documentary Io amo, tu ami… (I Love You Love), released in March 1961. She was to appear in it together with her sister Gloria, for which it is sometimes mistaken. A photo portrait (La Stampa, 30.5.1962) shows her while she exhibits in a Roman club as a dancer, describing her as a cousin of Harry Belafonte but this information is not confirmed by any other source. An article on Afrodescendant actors and actress settled in Rome at that time, published some months later in La Stampa (18.9.1962), reports that she had a sister called Gloria and presents both as “Caribbean natives, cousins of Harry Belafonte”,  By the way, they both acted together in Robin Hood e i pirati and Maciste l’uomo più forte del mondo. 

In 1964, as reported by Matt Blake, Janine Hendy founded Hendy, a Antiques company specialized in a wide range of artifacts, from sixteenth and seventeenth African Sculpture to Pop Art, which had a couple of shops in Rome and specialized in furnishing villas and sets for films. In 1964, she participated to Specchio segreto (3rd episode), the first candid camera show in Italian television. In 1965, she married actor and journalist Carlo Mazzarella but after a while they split. 

In 2007, New Yorker actress and director Barbara Montgomery announced the project of a documentary to be called Hendy: The Life of Jeanine Hendy, an African-Italian.

In Maciste l’uomo più forte del mondo, she was credited as Jannin Hendy.

Italian Filmography

Cartagine in fiamme (Carmine Gallone, 1959, ff, act), I baccanali di Tiberio (Giorgio C. Simonelli [Giorgio Simonelli], 1960, ff, act), Messalina, Venere imperatrice (Vittorio Cottafavi, 1960, ff, act), Robin Hood e i pirati (Giorgio C. Simonelli, 1960, ff, act), Che femmina… e che dollari! (Giorgio C. Simonelli [Giorgio Simonelli], 1960, ff, act), Io amo, tu ami… (Alessandro Blasetti, 1961, doc, act), I mongoli (Leopoldo Savona, 1961, ff, act), Maciste l’uomo più forte del mondo (Antonio Leonviola, 1961, ff, act), El Cid (Anthony Mann, 1961, ff, act), Lasciapassare per il morto (Mario Gariazzo, 1962, ff, act), I tre nemici (Giorgio C. Simonelli [Giorgio Simonelli], 1962, ff, act), La luna dei Caraibi (Mario Landi, 1962, tvmact), Le ore dell’amore (Luciano Salce, ff, 1963, act), Taur, re della forza bruta (Antonio Leonviola, 1963, ff, act), Le gladiatrici (Antonio Leonviola, 1963, ff, act), Specchio segreto (e3) (Nanni Loy, 1966, tvs, act), Quarta parete (Adriano Bolzoni, 1968, ff, act), La pecora nera (Luciano Salce, 1968, ff, act), Odissea (Franco Rossi, 1968, tvs, act)

Frame taken from:

Le gladiatrici. Dir. Antonio Leonviola. Italia Produzione Film, Coronet Produzioni, 1963.



Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Claudia Floridia, Renata Ornella Orlando, Isabella Patrizi and Nick Wale

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  1. Some titles missing from your filmography for Janine are Messalina, Venere imperatrice (1959), Cartagine in fiamme (1959), Robin Hood e i pirati (1960), El Cid (1961) and Odissea (1968)

    • Thanks again. Your titles are now included.

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