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Hammoussi, Mohammed

Posted on May 27, 2017 in Filmmakers Database, H | 0 comments

Mohamed Hammoussi

Mohamed Hammoussi

Director and producer (Fès, Morocco, 1968)

Director and producer of Moroccan origins, Mohammed Hammoussi founded the Hammoussi Universal Cinema International World, a small film production company legally based in Morocco, with whom he realized in Italy a few films in the 1990s, notably Said Sport Speed, Azekat Fes aka Streets of Fes and Permesso di soggiorno, when he was about 30 and worked in a movie theatre in Salerno, Italy. A low budget documentary, filmed in VHS, Permesso di soggiorno deals with the problems of a Moroccan migrant in Italy, related to the actual immigration laws and was released in DVD.

Italian Filmography

Permesso di soggiorno (1998, doc, d, p)



Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, Isabella Fabrizi and Lisa Ferri.

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