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Hammoudi, Jamil

Posted on Dec 23, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, H | 0 comments

Jamil Hammoudi in Il pane nudo

Jamil Hammoudi

Actor (Morocco, Rabat, 2.2.1979)

Actor of Moroccan origins, Jamil Hammoudi attended to some acting workshop, supervised by Rodolphe Martinez and Michael Margiotta and started ho have roles in Italian film and TV series since early 2000s. He had a role also in US TV series Empire (2005), filmed in Rome. His most relevant role is possibly that of Samir in comedy Last Minute Marocco (2007), alongside Esther Elisha, Kesia Elwin and Hafedh Khalifa, but he was directed also, among others, by Rachid Benhadj (Il pane nudo, 2005), Abel Ferrara (Mary, 2005) and Marco Turco (La straniera, 2008).

Italian Filmography:

Fratella e sorello (Sergio Citti, 2002, ff, act), Distretto di polizia (s4) (Monica Vullo, tvs, 2003, act), Che ne sarà di noi (Giovanni Veronesi, 2004, ff, act), Le quattro porte del deserto (Antonello Padovano, 2004, ff, act),  Il pane nudo (Rachid Benhadj, 2005),  Mary (Abel Ferrara, 2005, ff, act), L’ultimo rigore 2 (Sergio Martino, 2006, tvm, act), Carabinieri (s5) (Sergio Martino, 2006, tvs, act), Nassiriya – Per non dimenticare (Michele Soavi, 2006, tvms, act), Il segreto di Rahil (Cinzia Bomoll, 2007, ff, act), Last minute Marocco (Francesco Falaschi, 2007, ff, act), Sleeping aroundDi letto in letto (Marco Carniti, 2007, ff, act), Born Somewhere (Giulio La Monica, 2007, sf, act), The Messenger (Sebastiano Leddi, 2007, sf, act),  La straniera (Marco Turco, 2008, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Il pane nudo. Dir. Rachid Benhadj. Progetto Visivo, Esse&Bi Cinematografica, A.E. Media Corporation S.r.l., 2005.


Agency Italy | IMDb

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Isabella Fabrizi

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