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Gobbo Diaz, Miguel

Posted on Dec 31, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, G | 0 comments

Miguel Gobbo Diaz

Miguel Gobbo Diaz (Miguel Angel Gobbo Diaz)

Actor (Santo Domingo, 6.19.1989)

Born in Santo Domingo in 1989, Miguel Angel Diaz at 3 moved to Italy with his biological mother and his stepfather and spent his childhood and his teenage years at Creazzo, near Vicenza. In 2004 she started to study and practice theater at Teatro Theama, Vicenza (2004-09). From 2009 to 2011 he attended NUCT – Scuola Internazionale di Cinema e Televisione in Rome and graduated with special mention. From 2012 through 2014 he attended Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and graduated in acting, following intensive workshops with Mario Grossi, Alessio Di Clemente, and Lenore Lohman. In the same he graduated at Fedele Lampertico Technical Professional Institute, Vicenza, as electronics technician.

In 2006 he started to have roles in theatrical productions, with an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and went on working on dramas by Achille Campanile (Visita di condoglianza, 2007, Teatro San Marco, Vicenza), directed by Mario Grossi (Ionescando, Teatro Colosseo, 2010; Italiargentina, staged also by Marco Belocchi, 2013; Stanza 241, Ass. Cult. Passaggi, 2015), Eljana Popova (Anton Cechov’s The Seagull, 2013; Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, 2013) and Roberto Antonelli (Cinemando, 2014).

In early 2010s Miguel had his first experiences in film and TV productions, especially in shorts. He was episode actor in the 7th season of Rex, directed by Manetti bros. His very first great occasion is however the role of Benny, co-lead in feature La grande rabbia by Claudio Fragasso, opening in Italian theaters on April 28, 2016. He appears in horror low budget film Deprivation by Brian Skiba (2017). He is to feature in the role of Malik, a black Italian policeman, in the Rai TV series Nero a metà, to be aired starting from November 11, 2018.

Italian Filmography:

Roma è pronta (Gabriele Marino, 2010, sf, act), Message in a bottle (Simone Di Maria, 2010, sf, act), Jungle Fever (Francesco Siciliano, 2011, sf, act), Basquiat (Iolanda Borzì, 2011, sf, act), Clean & Chips (Simone Di Maria, 2012, sf, act), Leoni (Pietro Parolin, 2013, sf, act), Maquillaje (Giuliano Parodi, 2013, sf, act), L’arte sotto ogni punto di vista (Cecilia Irene Massaggia, 2013, sf, act), Rex (s7e7) (Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, 2013, tvs, act), Io sono Mabin (Elio Germano, 2015, sf, act), Non sono speciale (Daniele Babbo [dandaddy], 2016, vm, act), La grande rabbia (Claudio Fragasso, 2016, ff, act), Nero a metà (Marco Pontecorvo, 2018, tvs, act)


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