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Gerren, Melanie

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Filmmakers Database, G | 0 comments

Melanie Gerren in Diapason

Melanie Gerren

Actress (Los Angeles, USA, 1965)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, five of five children, with a single mother. She attended her elementary school in a catholic institute and then a private high school. When she was a teenager, a fastidious skin malady complicated her social life. After graduation, she left maternal home. The sudden death of her youngest and dearest brother Randy at 20 caused her a real shock. To overcome the grief, she enrolled in an acting school, and that opened new possibilities in her life and made her discover her talents, while at the same time she got closer to Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

In mid 1990s she was in Milan, Italy, when hit accidentally young Sicilian director Maria Arena who proposed her to act in a short film. Another casual meeting was with Gabriele Salvatores, who was up to film Nirvana (1997) and gave her the small role of Mosquito. That was the beginning of everything: in 2000s and 2010s she had several roles in film and TV productions, under the direction of Sergio Rubini, Cristina Comencini, Giuseppe Tornatore, and most notably in box office hit Il principe e il pirata (2001), directed and starred by Leonardo Pieraccioni. Gerren played the minor role of Mandeeza in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Wes Anderson (2004), partly filmed in Cinecittà Studios, Rome.

She worked also as a fashion model and got some theatrical experiences in early 2000s, namely Alessandro Vannucci’s Trame and La catena (Teatro Colosseo, Rome, 2001, written by Vannucci and staged by Vannucci and Antonio Colangeli), Pilato sempre (written and staged by Armando Pugliese in 2002), and Ti aspetto in sala d‘aspetto (staged by Daniele Costantini, Rome, 2002).

talented singer, Melanie composed  two songs for the soundtrack of I mostri oggi, namely Swing Climax and Libidolove. In 2009 she recorded a single called Part of My Life, later featured also in some songs by DJ Aldo “Haldo” Carpanzano and in 2013 with alias Billie Jean recorded single track Breath by Jonathan Mayer.

Actually Melanie lives in Rome: his latest apparition was in the feature E-bola by Christian Marazziti, premiered at Rome Film Festival in 2015.

Italian Filmography:

Prima della prima (Maria Arena, sf, 1995, act), Nirvana (Gabriele Salvatores, 1997, ff, act), Il viaggio della sposa (Sergio Rubini, 1997, ff, act), Wash and Dry (Marco Della Fonte, 1997, ff, act), Muzungu (Massimo Martelli, 1999, ff, act), Una storia qualunque (Alberto Simone, tvms, 2000, act), Una donna per amico (s2) (Rossella Izzo, 2000, tvs, act), Diapason (Antonio Domenici, 2001, ff, act), Incantesimo (s4) (2000, tvs, act), Il principe e il pirata (Leonardo Pieraccioni, 2001, ff, act), L’inganno (Rossella Izzo, tvm, 2003, act), Amanti e segreti (s1e1) (Gianni Lepre, 2004, tvs, act), Shooting Silvio (Berardo Carboni, 2007, ff, act), Bianco e nero (Cristina Comencini, 2008, ff, act), I mostri oggi (Enrico Oldoini, 2009, ff, mc), Butterfly Zone – Il senso della farfalla (Luciano Capponi, 2010, ff, act), La migliore offerta (Giuseppe Tornatore, 2012, ff, act), Italian Movies (Matteo Pellegrini, 2013, ff, act), Breath (vc, 2013, act), E-bola (Christian Marazziti, 2015, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Diapason. Dir. Antonio Domenici. Gruppo Minerva International, Telepiù, Flying Movies Srl, 2001.


Agency Italy | IMDb

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Isabella Fabrizi and Renata Ornella Orlando

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