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Garuccio, Emanuela

Posted on Jan 26, 2016 in Filmmakers Database, G | 0 comments

Emanuela Garuccio in Il mercante di stoffe

Emanuela Garuccio

Actress (Rome, Italy, 1.12.1973)

Born in Rome in 1973, of Italian father and Algerian mother, Emanuela Garuccio graduated in acting at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Rome (1999-2000) and in the following years attended several workshops in Italy and US (Los Angeles), studying with Francesca De Sapio, Peter Del Monte, Marco Bellocchio, Bruno Bigoni, Roberto Faenza, Elwira Romanzuk, Francesca Viscardi, Susan Batson and Mary Setrakian.

Since late 1990s, she started to have role in films and TV series, some of them very popular such as the first season of Elisa di Rivombrosa by Cinzia TH Torrini, in which she played the role of Celeste. She was co-lead in Il mercante di stoffe by Antonio Baiocco, starring also Antonio Campobasso, Nadia Kibout, Jonis Bascir, Abdesselam Bouhasni and Mehdi El  Ouazzani, with Kim Bikila as casting director.

Italian Filmography:

Marquise (Véra Belmont, 1997, ff, act), Il deserto di fuoco (Enzo Girolami [Enzo G. Castellari], 1997, tvs, act), Provincia segreta (s1) (Francesco Massaro, 1998, tvms, act), Mozart è un assassino (Sergio Martino, 1999, ff, act), Li chiamarono briganti (Pasquale Squitieri, 1999, ff, act), Turbo (s1) (Antonio Bonifacio, 1999, tvms, act), Le ali della vita (Stefano Reali, 2003, tvs, act), Il bello delle donne (s3) (Maurizio Ponzi, Luigi Parisi, Gianni Dalla Pietra, 2003, tvs, act), La cittadella (Fabrizio Costa, 2003, tvms, act), Marcinelle (Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi, 2003, tvs, act), Elisa di Rivombrosa (s1e1-4) (Cinzia TH Torrini, 2003-04, tvs, act), Segui le ombre (Lucio Gaudino, 2003, ff, act), Imperium: Nerone (Paul Marcus, tvms, 2004, act), Incantesimo (s7) (Alessandro Cane, tvs, 2004, act), Certi bambini (Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi, 2004, ff, act), La morte di pietra (Roberto Lippolis, 2008, ff, act), L’ispettore Coliandro (s2e2. Sesso e segreti) (Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, 2009, tvs, act), Rex (s2e2. Morte tra i delfini) (Marco Serafini, 2009, tvs, act), Il mercante di stoffe (Antonio Baiocco, 2010, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Il mercante di stoffe. Dir. Antonio Baiocco. Kartisia S.r.l., 2010.


Agency ItalyIMDb | Wikipedia Italian

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Isabella Fabrizi and Renata Ornella Orlando

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