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Elisha, Esther

Posted on May 24, 2014 in E, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Esther Elisha in Tutto può succedere

Esther Elisha

Actress (Brescia, Italy, 6.25.1980)

Born in Brescia of Benin born father and Italian mother. In 2002 she got her diploma in acting at Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan, attended several other workshops, notably in New York and Naples, and studied also singing and dancing.

In 2001 he started practising in theatre, and participated to several productions, up to the latest one, Good People (2014), based on David Lindsay-Abaire’s play and directed by Roberto Andò. She acted in several TV series, the latest of which is Tutto può succedere, an Italian adaptation of NBC hit Parenthood, to be aired in December 2015 – February 2016. The second season of Tutto può succedere was broadcasted in April-June 2017. The third season of Tutto può succedere is scheduled to be aired, starting from June 11, 2018, but for Italy-based viewers, the third season, as the previous two, is freely watchable on the RaiPlay online platform (here). Her first relevant role in a film production is that of Suad in Là-bas, by Guido Lombardi. After that, she participated to several productions, starring as co-lead in Stefano Incerti’s Neve.

Adua, the latest novel by Igiaba Scego (Florence: Giunti, 2015) is followed by an afterword of the author, in which she states, with reference to her and to Gamey Guilavogui: «Even if they are modern actresses, they must face one star system that is still riding at anchor in old stereotypes. Nevertheless they are strong women and they do not succumb. In a certain sense, Adua is dedicated to them who managed to have a different destiny compared to that of the protagonist of this book. Esther and Gamey are fighters and if cinema (but also theater) in Italy will change it will happen thanks to people like them».

Italian Filmography

Don Matteo (s5e13. Il ballo delle debuttanti) (Elisabetta Marchetti, 2006, tvsact), Last minute Marocco (Francesco Falaschi, 2007, ff, act), Il commissario De Luca (s1e1. Indagine non autorizzata) (Antonio Frazzi, 2008, tvsact), Boris (s2e1. La mia Africa) (Giacomo Ciarrapico, Mattia Torre, Luca Vendruscolo, 2008, tvs, act), Billo. Il Grand Dakhaar (Laura Muscardin, 2008, ff, act), Casa Coop (Francesco Falaschi, 2009, ws, act), Il prossimo tuo (Anne Riitta Ciccone,  2009, ff, act), The Eater. La mangiatrice (Alessio Pasqua, 2010, sf, act), Là-bas. Educazione criminale (Guido Lombardi, 2012, ff, act), Tutta la musica del cuore (s1e3. La rinascita; s1e4. La minaccia) (Ambrogio Lo Giudice, 2013, tvms, act), Benvenuti a tavola 2 (Lucio Pellegrini, 2013, tvs, act), Take Five (Guido Lombardi, 2013, ff, act), Nottetempo (Francesco Prisco, 2013, ff, act), Neve (Stefano Incerti, 2014, ff, act), Il continente fantasma (Marco Mario De Notaris, 2015, sf, act), Pitza e datteri (Fariborz Kamkari, 2015, ff, act), Eric’s Pool 7 “Eric vs Seraphina” (Lorenzo Balducci, 2015, sf, act), Tutto può succedere (s1, e1-13) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2015, tvs, act), Padre (Giada Colagrande, 2016, ff, act), Pene d’amore (Francesco Ghiaccio, 2016 tvs, pilot), Il padre d’Italia (Fabio Mollo, 2017, ff, act), Tutto può succedere (s2, e1-13) (Lucio Pellegrini, Alessandro Angelini, 2017, tvs, act), Tutto può succedere (s3, e1-16) (Alessandro Casale, Lucio Pellegrini, 2018, tvs, act)

Frame taken from:

Tutto può succedere. Dir. Lucio Pellegrini e Alessandro Angelini. Rai Fiction, Cattleya, 2015.


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Giovanna Di Martino and Renata Ornella Orlando

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