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El Uad, Abd

Posted on Nov 16, 2016 in E, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Abd el Uad in Abuna Messias

Abd El Uad


Non professional local actor, Abd El Uad played the indigenous chief Abu Beker in Goffredo Alessandrini’s Abuna Messias, filmed in what was then Italian East Africa, between actual Eritrea and Ethiopia. The film was to be awarded with Coppa Mussolini as Best Film at Venice Film Festival in 1939 and to be released again in 1947 as Abuna Messias (Vendetta africana) with a small cut.

Italian Filmography

Abuna Messias (Goffredo Alessandrini, 1939, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Abuna Messias. Dir. Goffredo Alessandrini. R.E.F. – Romana Editrice Film, 2006.



Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, Giovanna Di Martino, Daria Picardi

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