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Ekamba Bessa, Pegas

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 in E, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Pekas Ekamba Bessa

Pegas Ekamba Bessa

Actor (Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Republic, 1972)

Pegas Ekamba Bessa was born in Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Republic, first in an affluent family of 13 children. His father was a colonel in the army. Graduated in dramatic art at Institut National des Arts et Spectacles (INAS) in Kinshasa, he participated in several theatrical productions in his home country. In late 1990s he fled to Milan, Italy, to attend a course as cultural mediator promoted by region Lombardia. After that he found himself with no resources and forced to live in central station, until with his small band was discovered, could play in an important TV show (Maurizio Costanzo show) and in a while could start again to earn a living as cultural mediator, musician, dancer and actor. He wrote a book on his own story called  L’Africa che fa!!! (Verona: Nigrizia Multimedia, 2011), including a CD with songs played by band Ngoma Yetu and lyrics composed by Ekamba Bessa himself.

As an actor Pegas had roles also in film and TV productions, starting from early 2000s. His latest apparition was in an episode of TV series Crimini directed by Stefano Sollima and featuring also Juliet Esey Joseph.

Pegas directed Wake Up – Vite parallele (website), an independent, self-produced low budget film, featuring Mefehnja Tatcheu and Rufin Doh Zeyenouin, currently still in post-production.

Married to an Italian woman and father of four children, Ekamba Bessa lives in Bergamo, Italy.

Italian Filmography:

Vento di ponente (s1) (Gianni Lepre, Alberto Manni, 2002, tvs, act), Un amore su misura (Renato Pozzetto, 2006, ff, act), 2061 – Un anno eccezionale (Carlo Vanzina, 2007, ff, act), La nuova squadra (2008, tvs, act), Crimini (s2e6. Mork e Mindy) (Stefano Sollima, 2010, tvs, act)



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