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Di Leone, Renata

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 in D, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Renata Di Leone

Renata Di Leone

Makeup Department Unit and producer (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Makeup artist born in Addis Ababa and based in Rome since 1977. Her formation includes an 8 months course in Studio 13 (2001) and a stage with Vittorio Sodano (2010). She worked as unit or head of make department for many TV-shows, commercials, and film and TV productions (as the BBC/HBO TV-series Rome, Steve Hill, 2006), dating from about 2002 up to now. Her filmography includes a videoclip filmed by Abel Ferrara for the band 99 Posse. As a member of the leading team of Fabrique Entertainment, an independent production company based in Rome and founded in 2014, she participated in the production of several shorts and feature films, as Gigi Roccati’s Lucania – Terra sangue e magia, released in June 2019. In March 2019, she co-authored with Armin Linke a video installation on Fela Kuti (Fela Kuti and the Politics of Remembering), hosted by Haus des Kultures der Welt in Berlin. In 2018 Di Leone joined Collettivo N, a group of filmmakers of African descent based in Italy and fighting to get more diversity in Italian film and TV industry: in June 2019 she was chosen as president of the group.

Italian Filmography

Two families (Romano Scavolini, 2007, ff, kma), Belly Button Broth (Giuseppe Gagliardi, 2008, sf, mua), Bianco e nero (Cristina Comencini, 2008, ff, ma), The Last Day (Luis Boccia, 2008, ff, ma), I Really Love (Nicola Guarino, 2009, sf, ma), Wanted in Rome (Rossella De Venuto, Ji Un Choi, 2008, ff, kma), Said (Joseph Lefevre, 2009, ff, ma), Le ombre rosse (Citto Maselli, 2009, ff, ma), La nostra vita (Daniele Luchetti, 2010, ff, ma), Cacao (Luca Rea, 2010, ff, ma), Cattivi guagliuni (Abel Ferrara, 2011, vc, ma), Bloody Sin (Domiziano Christopharo, 2011, ff, ma), Una notte da paura (Claudio Fragasso, 2012, tvm, ma), Picnic (Kim Gualino, 2014, sf, kma), Maraviglioso Boccaccio (Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani, 2015, ma), Montedoro (Antonello Faretta, 2015, ff, ma), L’aquilone di Claudio (Antonio Centomani, 2016, ff, kma), Love and Desire (Domenico Capalbo, 2014, sf, kma), Guerrieri (Fabio Segatori, 2018, doc, kma), Indovina chi ti porto per cena (Amin Nour, 2018, sf, kma), Lucania – Terra sangue e magia (Gigi Roccati, 2018, ff, kma, pr), HOMS 2016 A.D. (Cosimo Fusco, 2018, sf, kma)


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