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Boa, Philippe

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 in B, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Philippe Boa in Il mercante di stoffe

Philippe Boa

Actor (Paris, France, 1.10.1961)

Philippe Boa was born in Paris in 1961. He attended several private acting schools in Paris, studying jazz and modern dance, tip tap, mime, singing. In France he had some acting experiences in film and TV shows. Once based in Italy, since mid 1980s Philippe started to participate in Rai TV shows, hosted by Gabriella Carlucci (Cocco, 1987), Raffaella Carrà (Ciao weekend, 1989), Pippo Baudo (Domenica in, 1991; St. Vincent, 1992; Partita doppia, 1993), Paolo Bonolis (Beato fra le donne, 1994), Daniele Formica (Tutti in cantina, 1994), Maurizio Costanzo (Maurizio Costanzo Show, 1997). 

In the same years, Philippe started also to have roles in several film and TV movies and series, some of them considerably popular, among which Teo by Cinzia TH Torrini (1997) and Un caso di coscienza (Luigi Perelli, 2003), in which he played the role of French engineer Louis.

Italian Filmography:

Palla al centro (Federico Moccia, 1987, ff, act), Abbronzatissimi 2. Il giorno dopo (Bruno Gaburro, 1993, ff, act), Top manager (Mariano Laurenti, 1996, ff, act), Il maresciallo Rocca (s1e3. Morte di una ragazza polacca) (Giorgio Capitani, 1996, tvs, act), Teo (Cinzia TH Torrini, 1997, tvm, act), Avvocati (Giuseppe Ferrara, 1998, tvs, act), Vado e torno (Vittorio Sindoni, 1998, tvm, act), Grazie di tutto (Luca Manfredi, 1998, ff, act), Non lasciamoci più (s1) (Vittorio Sindoni, 1999, tvs, act), Tobia al caffè (Gianfranco Mingozzi, 2000, ff, act), L’amore è cieco (Fabrizio Laurenti, 2002, ff, act), Un caso di coscienza (s2e2-6) (Luigi Perelli, 2003, tvs, act), E guardo il mondo da un oblò (Stefano Calvagna, 2006, ff, act), Il mercante di stoffe (Antonio Baiocco, 2010, ff, act), Libero (Marco Gallo, 2015, vm, act), Sogni ad orologeria (Francesco Colangelo, 2016, sf, act)

Frame taken from:

Il mercante di stoffe. Dir. Antonio Baiocco. Kartisia S.r.l., 2010.



Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Andrea Capruzzi and Renata Ornella Orlando.

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