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Bascir, Jonis

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 in B, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Jonis Bascir

Jonis Bascir (Muheddin Hagi Bascir)

Actor and soundtrack composer (Rome, Italy, 9.17.1960)

Born Muheddin Hagi Bascir in Rome of Somali father and Italian mother, grandson of Hagi Bashir Ismail Yousuf, first president of Somali national assembly. Growing up in Rome (he was back to Somalia only from 6 to 10), he studied acting, singing, dancing and guitar. Got a degree in Human Sciences, specialization film studies, at Sapienza University, and then had a master in Neuro-linguistic programming, becoming Business Coach and Life Coach. His first acting experiences came with theater in late 1980s and from time to time came back to theater productions, even if from early 1990s he started multiplying his appearances especially in TV series, shorts and videoclips, with some supporting roles in cinema. His notoriety in Italy is largely due to his role of Jonis in the popular Rai TV series Un medico in famiglia (2000-04). His skill as musician led him to compose some soundtracks for theater and film, at first occasionally and in latest years with more regularity: in March 2018, a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FloweR-POWER-216990865715007) was created in order to promote Flower Power, a new blues/rock band based in Rome and featuring, together with Bascir, three other musicians (Nicola Di Staso, Claudio Rizzo and Marco Vannozzi).

Italian Filmography

Villa Arzilla (Gigi Proietti, tvs, 1990, act), Le 5 forze di Porter (Massimo Cappelli, 1996, sf, act), Il caso Bebawi (Valerio Jalongo, 1996, tvm), Il tuo paradiso (Riccardo Acerbi, 1997, sf, act), Simpatici e antipatici (Christian De Sica, 1998, ff, act), Toilette (Massimo Cappelli, 1999, sf, act), Il commissario Montalbano (s1e1. Ladri di merendine) (Alberto Sironi, 1999, tvs, act), Un medico in famiglia (s1. (1998-2007, tvs, act), Stupor mundi (Pasquale Squitieri, ff, 2000, act), Il sinfamolle (Massimo Cappelli, 2001, sf, act), Incantesimo (one episode) (2001, tvs, act), Padri (Riccardo Donna, 2002, tvm, act), Soraya (Ludovico Gasparini, 2003, tvms, act), Interno 4 (David Bellini, 2004, tvm, act), Comunque mia (Sabrina Paravicini, ff, act, 2004), Un posto al sole (one episode) (2005, tvs, act), Festa (Cosimo Alemà, 2005, vc, act),  Il mercante di pietre (Renzo Martinelli, ff, act, 2006), Senza (Sabrina Paravicini, 2007, mc), Phone Center Brambilla (Maurizio Monti, 2007, tvms, act), Attenti alla noia (Riccardo Acerbi, 2009, sf, mc), Due imbroglioni e mezzo (s1e4. Il riscatto degli imbroglioni) (Franco Amurri, 2010, tvs, act), La ladra (s1e4. Come ai vecchi tempi) (Francesco Vicario, 2010, tvs, act), Il mercante di stoffe (Antonio Baiocco, 2010, ff, act), Regalo a sorpresa (Fabrizio Casini, 2012, ff, act), Anita Garibaldi (Claudio Bonivento, 2012, tvm, act), Il caso Enzo Tortora – Dove eravamo rimasti? (Ricky Tognazzi, 2012, tvm, act), La mia bella di domenica (Francesco Di Giorgio, 2012, vc, act), Amalia (Biagio Fersini, Sandra Astorino, 2012, sf, act),  Il commissario Rex (s4e4. Una promessa dal passato) (Andrea Costantini, 2013, tvs, act), Roma nuda… come tutto ebbe inizio (Giuseppe Ferrara, ff, act, 2013), La pioggia che non cade (Stefano Gigli, 2013, vc, act), Buongiorno papà (Edoardo Leo, 2013, ff, act), Tre tocchi (Marco Risi, 2014, ff, act, mc), Centovetrine (one episode) (2015, tvs, act), Non c’è 2 senza te (Massimo Cappelli, 2015, ff, act, mc), Una diecimilalire (Luciano Luminelli, 2015, ff, act), Ustica – La verità (Renzo Martinelli, 2016, ff, act), Il sistema (Carmine Elia, 2016, tvms, act), L’amore ai tempi del precariato (Michele Malgarini Bertini, 2016, ws, act), Tu mi nascondi qualcosa (Giuseppe Loconsole, 2018, ff, act, mc), Indovina chi ti porto per cena (Amin Nour, 2018, sf, act), Tulipe (Andrea Di Cicco, 2018, sf, act)

Frame taken from:

Il mercante di stoffe. Dir. Antonio Baiocco. Kartisia S.r.l., 2010.


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Andrea Capruzzi and Renata Ornella Orlando

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