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Azzab, Adil

Posted on Apr 2, 2016 in A, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Adil Azzab, director

Adil Azzab

Director, actor, screenwriter, producer and director of photography (Béni Amir Ouest, Morocco, 1989)

Adil Azzab was born in 1989 in a small village in the Moroccan countryside, about 200 km south of Casablanca. Being the first male child in a poor and large family, since his early childhood Adil helped his family working as a shepherd. His father, El Mati, as many of his generation, moved to Italy in order to support his wife and family. When he was 13, Adil reached his father in Milan, started to study and to work as electrician. Thanks to a community center he discovered his passion for film and photography. In 2012 he created with some other professionals the association Imagine Factory, with the aim of working with teenagers through multimedia. Imagine Factory promoted a film project based on his story, and that was the beginning of an independent feature film, My Name is Adil, realized thanks also to a project of crowdfunding and premiered at Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema (Milan, 2016).

Today Adil studies and works as an educator, helping other children in their growth path. 

Italian Filmography

My Name is Adil (2016, docf, d, sc, pr, dop)

Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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