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Issaa, Amir

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 in Filmmakers Database, I | 0 comments

Amir Issa

Amir Issaa

Musician, music composer and actor (Rome, Italy, 12.10.1978)

Amir Issaa is an Italian musician, music composer and actor, born in Rome, Italy in 1978. Actually a rapper of mixed origins (his father was Egyptian, his mother Italian), he started to know the hip hop circuit of Rome in the 1990s and had several collaborations with rap artists. In 2006 he authored his first solo album, Uomo di prestigio. In 2012 he created the independent record label Red Carpet Music and in the same year composed together with the Caesars the soundtrack for the feature film Scialla! (Stai sereno), being nominated in 2012 for Best song of the year at David di Donatello and Nastri d’argento awards: after that he was invited to be a part of Italian Film Academy. Amir composed some other soundtracks in the 2010s, appearing breafly in the horror short Dead blood, alongside Amin Nour, who features also (as co-director and actor) in Genewration – Secondi a nessuno and (as actor) in Lo dice Schwarzenegger.

After nine albums as a solo, in 2017 Amir has written an autobiography called Vivo per questo (I live for that).

Italian Filmography
Scialla! (Stai sereno) (Francesco Bruni, 2011), Dead blood (Pietro Tamaro, 2012, sf, pr, mc, act), La vita che vorrei (Francesco Bernabei, 2012, doc, mc), Genewration – Secondi a nessuno (Amin Nour, Pietro Tamaro, 2013, sf, act, mc), Lo dice Schwarzenegger (David Petrucci, 2016, sf, mc), Idris (Kassim Yassin Saleh, 2017, sf, mc), Sara (Paolo Civati, 2017, sf, mc)


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