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Akkari, Nabiha

Posted on Dec 26, 2015 in A, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Nabiha Akkari in Lezioni di cioccolato 2

Nabiha Akkari

Actress (Villecresnes, France, 12.9.1985)

Nabiha was born in Villecresnes, in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, in a family of Tunisian descent. Very soon she started to study and train as an actress, at first at Conservatoire du Val d‘Yerres (theater course and improv workshop with Leygurande troupe), than at Centres des Arts de la Scene (theater, singing, dance, under the direction of Jacques Mornas, and gospel singing with Gospel River group). She studied also at The Actor Center in Sydney, Australia, with Steve Rodgers (2007), at The Producers Club-Broadway in New York City, attending a workshop in Method Meisner and Actors Studio (2011), at  Jazz School Arpej in Paris, singing and composition (2013) and a masterclass at Ecole du Jeu school.

Since mid 2000s, she started to model in commercials and to have roles in theatrical, film and especially TV productions, working mostly in France.  Anyway notoriety came in Italy, when she was chosen to play the role of Farah in box office hit comedy Che bella giornata (What a Beautiful Day), starring the popular comedian stand up Checco Zalone and, among others, Anis Gharbi. She co-starred alongside Luca Argentero in Lezioni di cioccolato 2, as the daughter of Hassani Shapi. Akkari featured also in Non c’è più religione, a comedy film by Luca Miniero, out in theatres on December 2016, also starring Mehdi Meskar.

In Autumn 2015 she was back in Italy to play the role of Amira, a Tunisian girl arrived illegally in Italy, and aided to reach France by a weird folk band in tour, after a misunderstanding, together with her compatriot Helmi Dridi: filmed in Lucania region, the film is to be called Taranta on the road and directed by Salvatore Allocca, at his second work.

Nabiha was also the leader of a rock band called Hulawhy (2009-13).

Italian Filmography:

Che bella giornata (Gennaro Nunziante, 2010, ff, act), Lezioni di cioccolato 2 (Alessio Maria Federici, 2011, ff, act), Non c’è più religione (Luca Miniero, 2016, ff, act), Taranta on the road (Salvatore Allocca, 2017, ff, act)

Frame taken from:

Lezioni di cioccolato 2. Dir. Alessio Maria Federici. Cattleya, Fastfilm, 2011.


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Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Alessio Altieri and Renata Ornella Orlando

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