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Ahmed, Samira

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 in A, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Samira Ahmed in Il figlio di Cleopatra

Samira Ahmed (Samira Ahmed Ibrahim)

Actress (Assyut, Egypt, 11.15.1938)

An actress from the golden age of Egyptian cinema, Samira Ahmed was born in Assyut. She moved with her family and sister Khayriyah Ahmed to Cairo when she was six years old. Samira began work at a young age and faced difficulties with her family. Her first role was in an Egyptian film made by an Italian director, Gianni Vernuccio, that is Min ara’a jabini aka By the Sweat of Our Brows. She was directed by prominent directors such as Salah Abu Seif (Raya wa Sekina, 1953), Kamal El Sheikh (Hub wa idam, 1957), Henry Barakat (Shatie el hub, 1961), Youssef Chahine (Rajul fil hayati, 1961) and appeared in 36 Egyptian films and TV series through 2010.

Her only presence in the Italian Filmography is for Il figlio di Cleopatra aka Son of Cleopatra, a peplum film by Ferdinando Baldi co-produced by Egypt and also starring a few other Egyptian actors of the period, namely Shukry Sarhan, Leila Fawzi, Yehia Chahine, Hasan Youssef, Mahmoud Farag and Abdel Khalek Saleh. She played the role of Meroe.

Italian Filmography

Il figlio di Cleopatra (Ferdinando Baldi, 1964, ff, act)



Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi, with Lisa Ferri

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