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Abraham, Tezeta

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 in A, Filmmakers Database | 0 comments

Tezeta Abraham in E' arrivata la felicità

Tezeta Abraham (Tezeta Abraham Admasso)

Actress, screenwriter and director (Djibouti, 2.15.1985)

A naturalized Italian Djibouti-born actress and model, Tezeta Abraham moved to Rome with her family when she was 5 and since then lives in the capital city. In 2002 he won the “Miss Italy Africa” contest, and that opened for her the opportunity to enter the world of fashion. In 2004 she got her diploma as tourist consultant. In 2010 she took part in the 71st edition of Miss Italy. She worked as a model for brands such as Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Replay, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier Fuzzi, Chloé, ALYSI, Richmond, Issey Miyake, Rocco Barocco and posed for some ad campaigns.

Her first appearance as an actress was in a Carlo Verdone’s movie, Posti in piedi in paradiso. A photo portrait of her is present in the book Roma negata (Rome: Ediesse, 2014), including photos by Rino Bianchi and a text by Igiaba Scego. She played the role of Francesca in Rai TV series È arrivata la felicità, broadcast in October 2015. Tezeta in 2017 supported actively the campaign of the movement #italianisenzacittadinanza for the new nationality law and the cause of Eritrean refugees vacated violently by the police in Rome from an occupied building. In January 2018 il Corriere della Sera included Tezeta in the list of the 50 most influencial women in the last year. The second season of È arrivata la felicità was aired from February to April 2018 and had an audience impact much lower than the first one. In the first season of È arrivata la felicità Abraham was credited as Tztà, in the second as Tezetà. Abraham featured in the short La festa più bellissima (The most beautiful party), a family comedy also starring Miloud Mourad Benamara and Sean Ghedion Nolasco, supported by the Ministry of Culture via the MigrArti Cinema program, premiered at Venice Film Festival. In September 2018, Rome-based Vertical Movie film festival, under the artistic direction of Salvatore Marino, is about to showcase her very first short as screenwriter and director, called La pace all’improvviso.

Italian Filmography

Posti in piedi in paradiso (Carlo Verdone, 2012, ff, act), È arrivata la felicità (s1) (Riccardo Milani, Francesco Vicario, 2015, tvs, act), L’ultima rima (Carlo Fracanzani, 2016, sf, act), È arrivata la felicità (s2) (Francesco Vicario, 2018, tvs, act), La festa più bellissima (Hedy Krissane, 2018, sf, act), La pace all’improvviso (2018, sf, sc, d)

Frame taken from:

È arrivata la felicità. Dir. Riccardo Milani, Francesco Vicario. Publispei, 2015.


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