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#4 – Tezeta, a Debut in Prime Time

Posted on Oct 3, 2015 in The Wall | 0 comments

Tezeta Abraham 2

Yesterday, 2 October 2015, it was the day of the conference press, in Rai headquarters in viale Mazzini, and there she was too, visibly moved, even if she’s rather experienced to be under the spotlights. The conference was that of the TV series È arrivata la felicità (That’s Happiness), to be broadcasted on thursday and friday evening, starting from 8 October, and our girl is Tezeta Abraham, who is just coming to have her first big opportunity to emerge as an actress, after a small appearance in Carlo Verdone’s Posti in piedi in paradiso (A Flat for Three, 2012).

Written by Ivan Cotroneo, Stefano Bises and Monica Rametta, and directed by Riccardo Milani and Francesco Vicario, in 12 episodes, to be broadcasted on thurday and friday nights in prime time on Rai 1, starting from 8 October (21h20), È arrivata la felicità was described like a romantic comedy, based on the disadventures faced by a future, strange, couple formed by Angelica (Claudia Pandolfi), who comes from a popular family living in the Testaccio district of Rome, and high social class Orlando (Claudio Santamaria), living in the Aventino neighboorhood. If we’re announcing this as a little but consistent event is because in the narrative there is a place for the character of Francesca, Angelica’s best friend, played by Tezeta, who was described by Titti Andreatta, head of Rai Fiction, as an “Italian girl with black skin. But hers will be a story of everyday normality. Her problem will be love, not the color of her skin”.

It will be possibly the first time that a TV-series presents the character of a “second generation” girl, so I guess we could reasonably cheer up. Apparently, in this Rai production the authors deliberately chose to make reference, in the context of a comedy plot, to this issue – that of Italian nationality for “second generation” individuals – together with that of homosexual couples (two lesbian girls are included), both waiting to be recognized by a law that is to be discussed by Italian parliament. But let’s wait and see before rejoicing. The history of Rai TV productions is full of deceiving episodes where good intentions were followed by highly debatable outcomes, just consider recent miniseries Anna e Yusef  - Un amore senza confini [Anna and Yusef - A Love without Frontiers] (Cinzia TH Torrini, 2015) that tried to merge very complex issues like mixed couples, irregular immigration and even the Arab Springs in a rather contrived and unlikely plot.

Anyway, È arrivata la felicità appears to be a great occasion for Djibouti-born Tezeta Abraham, Italy-based since 5, to test her performing talent, as up to know she practised in show business mostly as a fashion model for brands like Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Replay, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. So we wish her a very good luck for this new adventure that could possibly help to “normalize” the presence of Afrodescendant performers in mainstream TV o film production for roles others than victims or sociotypes. To know more about that, take a look at the website and at the Facebook page of this series.


Contributors: Leonardo De Franceschi

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